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Springfield Missouri Motorcycle Accident has Fatal Consequences

August 30, 2011

Springfield Mo. motorcycle accident lawyers talk about a recent fatal motorcycle accident and general thoughts regarding motorcycle accidents and the legal consequences.photo_11052_20090517.jpg

Wednesday August 17 a motorcyclist from Indiana was forced off the road while he was driving on Missouri 465 in Taney County. The car crash occurred around 5 p.m. about three miles northwest of Branson. The motorcyclist was forced off the road and ran into an embankment when the other vehicle changed lanes. The offending vehicle fled the scene. Missouri State Highway Patrol is investigating the accident and still looking for the other vehicle.

The way to determine if there is cause for a wrongful death or personal injury suit is to investigate the facts and determine all the circumstances involved in and leading up to the motorcycle accident.

General Overview By a Springfield Missouri Motorcycle Accident Lawyer
Without reference to the recent motorcycle accident, here are a few tips and thoughts in general. Often it is important to have an investigator obtain and follow up on the police report. Statments from other witnesses, skid marks, damage to motorcycle and nature of injuries are all factors that sometimes are important in piecing togather the puzzle of how the accident happened.

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Greene County Missouri Accident Lawyers Provide School Bus Safety Reminders for Back to School Kids and Parents

August 26, 2011

Summer is such a fun time for kids. For everybody the summer break from school seems to go by so fast. 555003_first_day_in_first_grade.jpgYet it is back to school time and so Greene County accident lawyers have several school bus safety reminders for parents and kids to add to their school supply checklist.

Sadly, school bus accidents still occur. August 5 was the anniversary of a fatal school bus accident in Franklin County. And the headlines remind us of other tragic school bus accidents all the time. With this in mind, Springfield Missouri school bus accident lawyers urge you to review these important safety tips with your family.

Greene County Missouri School Bus Safety Tips
Tips for parents and all drivers:

  • Stop at school bus flashing red lights. Remember if you are tempted to drive around a stopped school bus, school buses are hard to see around. Don't take the chance of hitting a child.

  • Slow down. Observe all school bus flashing lights and drive the speed limit in school zones. In these areas there can be a lot of kids coming from all directions. It only takes an extra minute or two to slow down and avoid a tragedy.

  • Be patient any time a school bus is stopped. You must always assume a pedestrian is near if a school bus is stopped. Children tend to run or dart out suddenly. Be extra cautious around a stopped school bus.

Tips for students:

  • Always walk on the sidewalk.

  • Always walk to the bus stop, never run.

  • Try to arrive at least 5 minutes before the bus arrives.

  • Do not run or play around the bus stop area, wait quietly off of the street.

  • Always wait until the bus comes to a complete stop.

  • Stay in line when getting onto the bus and use the handrail.

  • Go directly to a seat and remain seated until the bus stops to let you off.

  • Stay facing forward and speak quietly while inside the bus.

  • Be extremely quiet when the school bus stops at railroad crossings.

  • Do not play, yell, get out of your seat, fight, or throw things on the bus.

  • Keep the aisles clear at all times, this includes feet and back-packs.

  • Never play with the emergency exits.

  • Listen to the driver at all times.

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Accident Checklist for West Plains and Missouri

August 25, 2011

No one wants to get into a traffic crash. But the plain fact is that car accidents are happening all the time. At any given moment someone is getting into a traffic accident. West Plains Missouri car accident lawyers focus our legal practice on helping people injured in traffic accidents. We know the painful and devastating results of a traffic crash.

Important Traffic Accident Facts for White Plains Missouri
The latest data available from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows that from January through March of 2011 6,618 people died in traffic accidents in the United openphotonet_roadside accident duty.JPGStates. 32,788 people died in 2010. That means on average 3 people are dying from a traffic accident every hour. While this number is down significantly over the past 5 years, 5 people were dying every hour in 2005, 3 per hour is still a lot of traffic deaths. And the number of people injured every hour is drastically higher.

This means the chances of getting into a car accident are pretty high. And with that in mind we have put together a checklist to help you in case you ever are in a traffic crash.

Accident Checklist for Missouri Motorists

  • Check for injuries. Determine if you or any of your passengers are hurt and how seriously. Call 911 immediately. Do not attempt to move anyone who is unconscious or anyone who appears to have a serious injury.

  • Assess the damage to your vehicles. If the vehicles are operable it is safer to move them to the side of the road or to the closest side-street or parking lot. If the traffic accident disabled your car use your flashers to warn other drivers.

  • 911 can notify both police and fire-rescue. Call now if you have not already done so.

  • Do not admit fault. Wait for the investigating officers. You don't always know all that happened or was involved in a traffic accident. Let the professionals sort it out.

  • Exchange information with all drivers and witnesses involved. It is a good idea to start with witnesses in case they cannot wait for law enforcement to arrive.

  • - Name
    - Address
    - City
    - Telephone numbers (include home, cell, and work numbers)
    - e-mail addresses
    - Insurance company and policy number
    - Insurance coverage limits

  • Ask any witnesses to write down what they saw.

  • Write down the police officer's name, badge number, and department as well as the case or accident report number.

  • Write down the accident information such as date, time, location, make, model, year, and color of all vehicles involved and include the license plate state and numbers.

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Investigation into Fatal Auto-Pedestrian Accident in Mobile, Alabama Will be Followed Closely

August 18, 2011

Springfield Missouri car accident lawyers are 506099_caution_tape.jpgfollowing the investigation into a tragic pedestrian accident in Mobile, Alabama. A fatal pedestrian accident is always tragic but it is also cause for concern. The lawyers are following the investigation to see who was at fault and to see what kind of compensation and remediation will follow.

A couple vacationing from Overland Park, Kansas were staying in Mobile, Alabama on their way to Florida when tragedy struck. At about 10:30 p.m. Friday night July 29 the couple was crossing the road near the hotel where they were staying. A Mobile police officer was responding to a call. The police officer passed an intersection and then struck the couple in the middle of the roadway. After this auto pedestrian accident the man was pronounced dead at the hospital. The woman was seriously injured and is still recovering.

While the couple tried to cross the street in the middle of the block instead of at the crosswalk, at issue is whether the office could have avoided this pedestrian accident. A Mobile police spokesperson describes the officer's driving at the time as "quick pursuit" yet lights and sirens were not activated.

Springfield Pedestrian Accident Lawyers Ask Questions
The questions become:

  • Was the officer driving over the posted speed limit?

  • If the officer was in pursuit why weren't any of the vehicle's emergency warning devices activated (such as lights and sirens)?

  • Were there other factors involved, such as faulty street lighting or a problem with the police cruiser?

  • What are the police department policies for call responses?

  • What type of driver training do the officers receive from the department?

  • How are the department's training, personnel, and investigation records kept?

  • Was the officer following department protocols?

  • Was the officer current on certifications, including driver training?

  • What is the history of the officer and the department, in regards to accidents and driver safety?

  • Are proper local, state, and federal regulations being followed in the investigation?

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A Single Car Accident May Generate Personal Liability

August 14, 2011

Citing recent car accidents in Springfield and Lebanon, Missouri Springfield Missouri car accident lawyers say a personal injury case is possible even if the injuries and property damage come from a single car accident.

road closed sign.jpgPartial List of Factors That May Contribute to Cause A Single Vehicle Personal injury Cases in Lebanon and Surrounding Missouri

  • Motor vehicle design defects or mechanical problems

  • Roadway hazards such as road damage, road construction, or bridge problems

  • Improper signage, traffic barriers, or warning devices about roadway hazards

  • Negligence such as driving too fast or carelessly by the driver.

The passenger has no control of the car and generally is not at fault. Exceptions can include rare circumstances such as when the driver has been drinking and the passenger had knowledge of that fact, and decides to get in the car. This is known as "assumption of the risk" and is used by defense attorneys in an effort to minimize the value of the case. It is raised more frequently in states like Kansas where 51% comparative fault can bar a party from recovering money damages. Missouri is a pure comparative fault state which in general terms means that a parties recovery is reduced by their share of fault. As we mentioned above, comparative fault is generally not an issue for a passenger in single car accident except under rare circumstances.

In addition to driver error, sometimes there are other factors that may come into play From a vehicle manufacturer cutting corners to save money to a road construction crew forgetting to set up proper road barriers to a city failing to properly maintain part or all of a roadway, negligence happens. That negligence can result in serious injury and property damage and worse the loss of life. Just because there was only one vehicle involved in a car crash does not mean there isn't a personal injury claim. If the car crash was caused by someone else's failure to act properly or responsibly, a case for personal injury claims can arise.

Why Single Vehicle Accidents Often Require a Lawyer
The majority of single vehicle accidents involve driver error. Any and all evidence of mechanical failure such as a blown tire, crumpled roof, or other faulty mechanism needs to be preserved and documented. Pictures of the scene and surrounding area are critical to prove road hazard issues. Accident diagrams and accident reconstruction may show how and why the accident occurred.

A Missouri car accident lawyer may know the obstacles that can present themselves in a personal injury case resulting from a single car accident. They can walk you through the steps to take. They can provide an investigator who can also look into evidence to prove negligence, design defect, or other contributing factors.

Aaron Sachs and Associates, PC is a law firm that has a focused practice dealing with car accident cases. You can talk to a lawyer for a free, no obligation, consultation meeting and learn your options.

Automobile Owners are Urged to Pay Close Attention to Vehicle Recall Notices

August 10, 2011

From failed airbags to steering problems to floor mats, there are hundreds of vehicle recalls each year. Branson Missouri car accident lawyers urge you to utilize vehicle resource information sites to stay on top of safety recalls for your vehicle and motor vehicle equipment. Many of these recalls can lead to serious injuries or even death from the traffic accidents that result from defective vehicles and vehicle components.

The National Highway Traffic Safety legal words.jpgAdministration (NHTSA), a division of the U.S. Department of Transportation, provides recall information on all types of consumer products including motor vehicles and related equipment. On the NHTSA website,, you can search for recalls for vehicles, motor vehicle equipment, tires, school buses, and child safety seats. You can also set up an e-mail notification through a subscription option. This website allows you to search recall information from 1966 to the present.

A recall is based on motor vehicle or motor vehicle products that have experienced safety related defects or that did not comply with federal motor vehicle safety standards. After a safety investigation by NHTSA investigators a recall is initiated.

Since 1966 more than 390 million cars, trucks, buses, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, and mopeds as well as 46 million tires, 66 million pieces of motor vehicle equipment and 432 million child safety seats have been recalled. Many manufacturers do voluntary recalls, but some require influence from NHTSA investigators or must be ordered through the court system.

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Greene County Missouri Information Guide for Legal Resource and Information Sites

Greene County Missouri car accident lawyers know many people use the internet to find a legal resource or research legal information. 1024682_professor_at_work.jpgOften this includes the attempt to get legal advice. First we caution you to always speak to an attorney before you act on any legal information. Without an actual consultation with a lawyer you may not have all the facts or get the most accurate advice.

Second laws vary by state and by jurisdiction. Laws and legal terms can be very complicated to a lay person and quite often even a lawyer must research case laws. Another important factor is that each case needs to be analyzed individually by a legal professional and needs to be put into the context of the actual accident or personal injury as well as other situational factors.

However, we know that legal advice can be expensive and in these tight economic times the internet can also be a very valuable asset. The right website can provide valuable research information as well as provide a valuable legal resource list. Therefore we have put together a list of websites we know offer valuable and accurate information. If your intent is to get general information, research a lawyer, or find a resource for help these sites are excellent for your needs.

Websites Greene County Missouri Accident Lawyers Recommend:
Law Info features an attorney search as well as information to learn about the law. They have free legal documents available to download and a list of free legal resources.

Law Guru
This site allows you to ask a free legal question and get advice from a network of attorneys as well as search their law library and download some legal forms. Again we caution you, as will the Law Guru, that you should meet with a lawyer before you act on legal advice.

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